History of Lee and Lee Attorneys

leel-lee-pic3Lee & Lee Attorneys, P.C. is a general practice law firm founded in 1959 by Robert E. Lee. The firm’s reputation is deeply rooted in its success in practice, service and loyalty to the community. The firm has been an affiliate member of the Wilson County Board of Realtors since 1990, and members of the Lebanon/Wilson County, Mt. Juliet and Watertown Chambers of Commerce. Both Robert Evans Lee and J. Mark Lee are past Chairmen of the Board of the Lebanon-Wilson County Chamber of Commerce. In December 2006, Robert E. Lee passed away. Robert Evans (Bob) Lee and his brother Mark Lee continue to operate the firm today.

The story is told that Robert E. Lee acquired the building in which the firm practices by somewhat of an accident. In 1977, Mr. Lee was walking in front of 109 East Gay Street one morning to get a cup of coffee at the Ideal City Cafe. The building was being auctioned while he was walking by. The auctioneer shouted to Mr. Lee to make a bid so, Mr. Lee made a bid but kept walking to get his cup of coffee. After buying his coffee and without giving the auction any more thought, Mr. Lee ventured back to his office. As he walked back in front of the building, the auctioneer informed Mr. Lee that he was the proud new owner. Lee and Lee Attorneys has been housed in that building ever since.